Fintech revolution

finance + technology = success

How we use modern technologies here?

Let's see if AI and ML can improve processes and decrease cost or increase the revenue of the finance companies.

We know this technology

some of our projects

  • Wallets

    Virtual currency exchanges and payment solutions

  • Virtual Assistants

    AI-Powered chatbot that helps people find the right financial product for their needs

Build it with experts

Our inspiration workshop will help you analyse the potential of different technologies in the finance world

Can I be disruptive in a fintech space?

Our process

Step by step to the successful implementation

Implementation Stories

What we create in a fintech space

Chatbots Digitalisation Remote team

FINTECH – Pani Ala case study

What clients say

  • I was attracted to Leocode's approach to work. First, they found out exactly what I wanted and what problem I wanted to solve. However, before they even started, they made their own internal analysis of my idea and assessed whether it could be a success at all. In my opinion, this is a fair approach because if LEOCODE did not believe in this project, it would surely be a failure.

    Irek, the CEO of Advisero

Let's build a successful product together!

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